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Meet Our Community!

Student Leaders

smiling young man

Jason P.

International Peer Leader

young woman with glasses and a bow

Lizz L.

International Peer Leader

young woman with long dark hair

Yazmin C.

International Peer Leader

young man with glasses

Kalab K.

International Peer Leader

OISS Staff

professional looking woman with colorful scarf

Alicia Adams

Director, PDSO

Professional woman with hair pulled back

Alegria Mateus

Recruitment Specialist

Smiling woman with glasses

Yuri Cerva

International Admissions Assistant

Smiling woman with long dark hair

Angela Chandra

International Admissions Specialist

smiling man with beard

Adam Passmore

SEVIS Assistant

happy woman smiling

Rianna Robertson-LeVay

SEVIS Coordinator

smiling professional woman

Tiff Hayes

International Student Life Coordinator

Young woman outdoors in a sweater

Sierra Spillane

International Student Life Assistant, International Student Life Project Assistant

Professional looking woman with glasses and scarf

Meryl DePasquale

Senior Office Assistant

Professional looking woman in a blazer

Helen Wu

Office Assistant

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